WDAD - Teams Future

June 14, 2022 

Dear Families, 

Merging the Addison Frogs and the Wood Dale Water Rats in 2019 was a great opportunity to blend two strong teams of families and swimmers. The boards of both teams worked tirelessly with the staff and board of the Wood Dale Park District to bring the Wood Dale-Addison Sharks into fruition and the results have been terrific for the swimmers. We had to take our first year off as a team due to the pandemic, but last year we started with a bang and our swimmers truly benefitted from the renewed energy of the blended team—not to mention the opportunity to find some normalcy during a time when normalcy was hard to find. We have had a slow start this year, but with a strong coaching staff and a great relationship with a very amenable park district, we are off to a great start. Looking to the future, if the team is to continue, we need families to step into roles on the board that have been filled by the same families since before the merger. Currently, we have a President who has a senior swimmer and a Vice President who is unable to continue on the board, but no Secretary or Treasurer. We were hoping for a good turnout at Monday’s Zoom meeting, but it ended up being the same families who have been doing the lion’s share of the work. Understanding that there was a weather event minutes before the start of the meeting that bled into the beginning of the meeting, we understand that some families may not have been able to join so I am writing this letter as an appeal to individuals and families who may be ready to step into roles on the board. To put it frankly, this is going to be a make it or break it year for the Sharks. At the meeting, we had an individual step forward to work with the Vice President to learn the role in order to transition into the role of President next year. This individual has been on the board since before the merger, currently serving as a commissioner. We also had an individual reluctantly agree to accept the role of secretary but would rather be a floating “use me as you need me” commissioner. This still leaves the board woefully short for a viable board and without a board, there is no Sharks team. It's time for us to decide as a team whether the Sharks will continue or if this will be our last year. We, the board, have enjoyed working together and with the Park District to make the swim seasons happen. To plan and score the meets and create the ribbons; the pizza parties; Donut Fridays; Senior Night; TP Night; the awards banquet and team gifts to mention just a few of the moving parts of our team. We will hold a poolside meeting on Saturday at our home meet to discuss the future of the team. If you are willing to take one of the unfilled positions on the board, please speak up. If this is a team we should fight for, we need to know who is putting up the fight. If the Wood Dale-Addison Sharks have had a good run and it’s time to find other waters, we need to plan for that, too. 


Carolyn Niehoff, President Wood Dale-Addison Sharks Parent Board

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